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GU Energy x Bivo

This one hits home with our co-founder Carina

In 2008, I raced my first cross country ski 50km race, the Craftsbury Marathon. While I had many coaches throughout my racing career, my dad was my first coach, and naturally, I tended to listen to a lot of his advice. He was quite progressive and was always looking to improve ways of training, but when it came to fueling, he was – and still is – quite old school. So, he told me the best food for a marathon were Fig Newtons. In my first feed, I popped a Fig Newton into my mouth, chewed a couple times and immediately spit it out. I couldn’t breathe and my mouth was incredibly dry. Luckily, I did look at my dad’s advice with some skepticism before the start and put some extra GUs in my pouch. Those GUs saved me, and I ended up winning that day. 
GU x Bivo

So, when GU Energy Labs wanted to do a GU x Bivo bottle, it felt a little extra special and nostalgic. Thanks GU Energy Labs, for joining the ride!If you haven't already check out the new bottles via the button below.
Carina Hamel (Bivo co-founder) 

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