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Event Spotlight! The Ranger Vermont

The snow has ALL melted in our town of Richmond (😭) and Vermont has been shot right back into the glorious time of year we call stick season. Noah Kahan even sings about it. It’s quite bleak but the birds are chirping, some of the grass is shockingly turning green and there is hope in the air for some nice riding and running days in our near future. Then again, it might snow on Sunday, so we will see! 

In the turn of seasons, we have our eyes on bike events! Robby and I had a blast with the kids last summer attending events across the country. The cycling industry is a great one and the events that are hosted now are full on adventures and serve as true weekend getaways. Even the food is worth writing home about (looking at you, The Last Best Ride…).

When we first started attending events in 2021, one stuck in my head and I wanted to tell you about it! Drumroll please……THE RANGER!

The Ranger, put on by Rachel & Tyler Cohen and Jon & Pamela Robichaud, is Vermont at its finest. Taking place in early June (the 9th and 10th this year), the grass is the brightest green we see. The Ranger starts and finishes in Tunbridge, VT, home of the Tunbridge World's Fair since 1867. Surrounded by small mountains, the fairgrounds are situated in a green bowl with a river flowing by that’s perfect for the pre or post ride dip (be aware of the poison ivy!). It’s a perfect family event with camping on site, live music, a running event, kids race and food from Brownsville Butcher. The local library comes with art supplies for the kids – a spot my daughter frequented throughout the weekend. When I tell folks about The Ranger, the first descriptor is relaxing. It was incredibly relaxing – not a word I usually associate with a bike race, but this is so much more. Rachel, Tyler, Jon and Pamela have it all under control and their vibe spreads to the attendees. The ride isn’t about who is the fastest, but about being together for a weekend riding bikes. Tunbridge is a town of 1,300 people and the surrounding area is hilly farmland with beautiful views and quiet dirt roads. With adult ride distances anywhere from 18 to 62 miles (2,000 – 5,000 ft of climbing), there is a ride suitable for everyone. The Ranger might not be the most famous gravel ride in the country, but it is certainly amongst my favorites and we are excited to see you there! 

Wondering about other events we will be attending? Below is a list of top hitters each month from March – October. Be on the lookout for other ride highlights as there are several must hits this year. 


Nordic Skier Cross- Richmond, VT, whoop whoop! March 31



Rasputitsa - Jay Peak, VT - April 19-21

Sea Otter Classic - Monterey, CA - April 18-21

Muddy Onion - Montpelier, VT - April 27

Whiskey Off Road - Prescott, AZ - April 28-30



Five Boroughs Ride - New York City, NY - May 5

Richard Tom Ride - Richmond, VT - May 8

Gravel Locos - Hico, TX - May 18

Bentonville Bike Fest - Bentonville, AR - May 23-26



Unbound Gravel - Emporia, KS - June 1

Elevate Mountain Bike Festival - East Burke, VT - June 14-15

Lutsen 99er - Lutsen, MN - June 24

Grounded, NE - Lincoln, NE - June 29



Northwest Tuneup - Bellingham, WA - July 12-14

Ragbrai - Des Moines, IA - July 23 



Leadville 100 - Leadville, CO - August 10

Breck Epic - Breckenridge, CO - August 11-16

SBT GRVL - Steamboat, CO - August 16-24

Made PDX - Pordland, OR - August 24-27

Hotter'N Hell - Wichita Falls, TX - August 24-27



Door Country Century - Sturgeon Bay, WI - September 10

Cheqamegon - Hayword, WI - September 14

VMBA Member Party - September 22

Green Mountain CX - VT - September 30



Big Sugar & Shift - Bentonville, AR - October 21


See you out there! Carina

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March 12, 2024

Let’s see if you can join us once again for a swim at the Boulder Rez while you’re in Colorado.
Starting to see Bivo water bottles appearing on deck during the winter training.

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