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Just How Heavy is a Bivo Bottle?

How does this not exist!? Robby and I were up after our daughter went to bed researching metal bike bottles and were completely dumbfounded that they didn’t exist. We had found a hole in the market and were quite excited to dive in.

When trying to think of reasons to not make a metal bike bottle, our first concern was weight. We lived in Portland, OR and we, along with many of our friends, were road cyclists. Weight mattered, and metal is certainly heavier than plastic. We honestly hadn’t even considered yet that we’d have to figure out how to get water out quickly - our minds were on weight. 

So we decided to develop a single wall (not insulated) bottle to launch. We used a thinner gauge of metal and stripped as much from our lid as possible to make it lighter.  

We conducted a series of focus groups and customer surveys quite early in the ideation phase and I was just looking back through the notes with a smile on my face (so many good memories) and found this note:Weight – To date has been less of a concern than we originally anticipated.

We loved pulling the Portland community in for focus groups and asking questions at local bike events. 

That being said, it really does matter to many of you and we are still psyched with the weight of our bottles. Are they heavier than plastic? Yes. How much? Let’s put it in context: 

The original Bivo One: 158 grams / 5.57 oz 

Comparing that to our plastic competition, we are 70 grams (2.4 oz) heavier than a  plastic bottle. Or 4.73 tablespoons of water heavier. That’s also equivalent to 1 small clementine, 1 egg, 70 jelly beans, 1 Clif Bar or just 60% of an average banana in your back pocket. 

We also have a larger capacity bottle (the Duo) and two insulated models. While our insulated models weigh more because they are double walled, it turns out you care more about having cold water than reducing weight on your bike. 

Here are the weights of our other models: 

Duo - 175 grams / 5.99 oz

Trio Mini - 240 grams / 8.46 oz

Trio - 270 grams / 9.52 oz

Thanks for writing in and asking us questions! This has been a common question through our social and customer service channels and we hope this helps. It’s always great to hear from you! 


PS - one of our favorite Instagram posts ever is from our friend at Gu, Amy Cameron - see below and we hope it makes you smile.

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