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We’re launching a new collab bike bottle with Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA). VMBA has made mountain biking in Vermont what it is today, so we interviewed Adam Morse, director of a VMBA chapter Fellowship of the Wheel for his take on how VMBA and its chapters support the mountain biking community.
When we first considered making Bivo metal cycling water bottles, we knew that using stainless steel would be the way to go. Durable, recyclable, anti-corrosive, safe to drink out of, stainless steel was clearly the best option.
A few years back, Robby and I were in the thick of parenting chaos (still are with #2) with our little bottle-challenged daughter, Svea. She was on a mission to reject every bottle in sight. We had to test bottle after bottle and always hated the idea of feeding her out of plastic. We appreciate her stubbornness but damn, that was a stressful one! Thankfully, she finally gave in and went straight to a glass sippy cup that was a win for all of us.

Last week, our town of Richmond, along with several other small towns across the state of Vermont, flooded to historic levels and devastated the communities, homes, businesses and farms. Vermont is such a special place; the community is something all Vermonters cherish and it has been amazing to see the volunteers across the state help with cleanup in all the towns effected by the flood. Robby and I were away last week and have been watching from afar with sadness for our town and state.

When we came up with the idea of Bivo, we felt fortunate to already by connected to so many cyclists through riding bikes ourselves and lots of friends who also like to ride bikes. Product design and development was part of our lives too – we owned a footwear design and development studio and making product was a passion. So, when Bivo popped into our heads, we had a product ideation and development process down. One of our first steps was setting up focus groups and customer surveys to get to the bottom of what cyclists would want out of a metal cycling bottle. Some of the answers surprised us (weight was less of an issue than we originally thought!) and others were things we predicted (how can you drink if you can’t squeeze?!).
When we first heard from InstaFund Race team, we knew we wanted to get involved. InstaFund is the first carbon neutral pro team, and they are constantly challenging themselves to improve their sustainable practices. From limiting flights through optimizing travel schedules, to supporting their suppliers and sponsors who are transitioning to reducing their impact, InstaFund is challenging the traditional way of doing things as a pro team.
From the day we launched Bivo, we have been setting aside 1% of our profits to put towards the Bivo Fund. Each year, we donate that fund to charities that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have a soft spot for organizations that help keep roads safer and who get more kids on bikes. Kids who have access to bikes gain confidence, become more focused in the classroom and learn a skill for life that helps lead to a healthy lifestyle.
In 2022, we came together with our friends at Velocio to design a bottle dedicated to 1% for the Planet. We are super excited to announce that ALL profits from this bottle will go to 1% for the Planet!
We are thrilled to announce our inaugural donation from the Bivo Fund has been made, going to Local Motion, a nonprofit advocate for walking, biking, and rolling in Vermont. #quenchresponsibly